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old school sludgy punk metal. they were active in 1989-1993. they were fuckin awesome.

results of existence & feedback

FISTULA / OINTMENT "Nano-split serie vol.1" split cassette [2011]

A1. Ointment "Lick My Gun"
B1. Fistula "You Suck"

ltd.51 / QUAGMIRE

OINTMENT "Satans' Sandbox" cassette [2011]

A1. Lick My Gun
A2. Five Alarm
A3. Happy Birthday
A4. Shoelaces
B1. Power of Christ
B2. Licker Guns Ammo
B3. Ratfink 91
B4. Ride

ltd.127 / QUAGMIRE

sickos & info

Big Daddy : drums, backup vocals, lead vocals on "Lick My Gun", all music & lyrics
Larry Kelley : guitar
Billy O'Maley : lead guitar
John Kozik : bass
John Mccarthy : vocal

this is main line-up and these five guys recorded "Satans' Sandbox" album. but for some short periods there were also a couple guys in OINTMENT: Cliff Truesdale (on guitar) and Mark Kennedy (on vocal).

Big Daddy started OINTMENT in 1989 and the band split-up in 1993. Only 8 tracks were ever created. These 8 were recorded in 1991 and released only in 2011 as full-length album named "Satans' Sandbox". Originally the album supposed to be named "Grand Theft Swan Boat", then guys changed name to "It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood", but "Satans' Sandbox" was choosen as a final title. The album comes on C-30 audiocassette and limited to 127 copies. 100 copies on sunny yellow cassettes, and 27 copies on deep blue cassettes. These 27 comes with a 5,5cm pin button.



first & second photos - OINTMENT playing live. on third photo there's John Mccarthy, on fourth photo there's Cliff Truesdale. fifth, sixth and seventh photos - Billy Omaley, John Kozik, Larry Kelley and OINTMENT's creator Big Daddy in dressing room of Boston's famous THE CHANNEL club on a night of 1980/81. On that evening OINTMENT was opening for MORPHINE.

interview with Big Daddy, 28.8.11 [from "Satans' Sandbox" cassette release]

1] so boss is here... i mean hi Big Daddy! ok we will talk mainly about OINTMENT. i think would be cool if you'll introduce yourself and your delicious band to readers.

Hello. I'm BIG DADDY and I'm eatin a sandwich.

2] so what was the very first original line-up and how it's changed later?

After the tunes were written me and L.K. tried out, and went through, various knuckleheads before settling on the line-up on this recording. Kind of a blur and I don't remember who the 1st were. The lead guitar and bass spots were a revolving door at first. After about a year I started raping and pillaging other boston bands of their members to fill those 2 positions. Both J.K. (from ANAL CUNT) and BILLY O. (in a band called SEKA AT THE TIME) had played with me before in a later incarnation of GROINOIDS. So when others weren't workin out I invited both those guys to join. At that time we had a different singer from a local bar-room band who had a style I figured didn't really fit well. Good guy, competent vocalist, but not quite right, you know? Then JOHN McCARTHY (from POST MORTEM) moved into an apartment where I was living and L.K. suggested we try him out. From the 1st note he sang we knew we had the right guy.

3] well, you've started OINTMENT in 1989... what kind of time it was in USA? what do you think when life was better - late 80es or our days, or comparison is meaningless?

As far as the music scene? Back then it's seems there was more fertile, vibrant, community of musicians. Right now there's a pretty bad drought regarding all styles. With few exceptions most of the music I hear today is regurgitated crap.

4] man, how did you started a band? do you remember what were the circumstances? and is there any special sence in band's name?

OINTMENT started after deciding to do a project of lyrics and music that I'd write on my own. Up to that point I'd been in a few other bands with some awesome minds that were all pretty much collaborative efforts. Stand or fall this one was gonna be my baby. I'd played bass, and some guitar, in other units, but switched to drums a few years prior, when putting together GROINOIDS, because I didn't like what I was hearing from others drummers. By the time OINTMENT started most people only know me as a drummer, and not a bassist or writer, so it was a good time to stretch my legs and remind everyone I wasn't just the guy in the back. Totally selfish but there you have it. The name? I'll leave that up to the listener.

5] was there any inspiration for you while creating OINTMENT material? as always for almost everybody - immortal BLACK SABBATH... or smth else?

My lyrical inspiration was taken from newspaper headlines [imaginary or not]. Crackhead strangles infant, drunk guy burns church, bike gang runs amok on freeway, etc... Musically just stuff i was building up to.

6] serious, i'm really surprised nobody released OINTMENT's awesome shit in 20 years, since it was recorded. why? did you tried to release it, or you guys just recorded it and put recording on the shelf for a better times?

Back then a lot of drugs and drink were involved and my brain wasn't doin the job. We had thought of releasing it but by the time it was mixed shit started to fall apart. We'd been playing some good shows, to packed houses, for 3 years when some of us got restless and drifted off. Without a band to tour with it didn't make sense at the time to put it out.

7] man, is there any favourite OINTMENT song for you? mine is 'Lick my Gun' and 'Power of Christ' - absolutely essential shit, can listen it all day long again & again, hah.

"Lick my gun" was actually a filler track I wrote in the studio while recording. We wanted one more tune. Serial killer RICHARD SPECK died that day so I stepped out fer 15 minutes and that's what I came back with. The tape was rolling when I was showing JOHN how to sing it and the rest of the idiots liked it. They convinced me it was a keeper and JOHN didn't even try a take.

8] OINTMENT split up in 1993. why it happened? and did you ever think to re-start the band, with some line-up changes, or OINTMENT is buried forever?

JOHN McCARTHY died a few years ago. Outta respect fer his memory I've permanently retired the band. Though you might see one or two of the tunes pop up on a set list, with one of my other projects, someday.

9] Yeah i hope so! So what are all bands you play in at this moment? KILSLUG, UP YOUR BUCKET etc..

Fer now those 2 are my focus. Both have been keeping me busy.

10] ok maybe some words about mighty KILSLUG now? you maniacs have a brand new LP, that's really fuckin awesome. prove me if i'm wrong - KILSLUG's new
serious release in last 25 years? well, i know there was awesome God's Funeral 7" recently, but i'm talking about big release. tell me something about all the stuff - where did you guys recorded/mixed/mastered the album? is there any central theme, you know... or no conception, just a bunch of new tracks? what record label did the release?

Couple of the same players here. LARRY KELLEY and JOHN KOZIK - guitar and bass, great new lead player is JOHN DARGA along with LIFELESS and myself make up the present line-up. Between the new 7inch and LP we put down 13 tunes. All were engineered and recorded by CLAY NEELY, BLACK PYRAMID's drummer, at his place BLACK COFFEE SOUND two hours west of Boston. Half are brand new tunes, the other half stuff that was kickin around but never recorded. It's now a concept album, no. It is reflective of what me and LARRY LIFELESS have been doing together for years now. Limited Appeal Records are pressing it. Same label that released the "Live 20 year reunion" album 2 years ago.

11] unusual format - 11 inch wax! fuck yeah! and as i know you bastards decided to surprise the listeners, seems there're a lot of broken needles now, if only you don't know a secret, haha.

Whether records or shows KILSLUG has always done shit in our own way to make it interesting.

12] well, OINTMENT have now a cassette release, that's fuckin awesome. no doubt i'll play this gem in the player every day. so man, any plans for the future? i mean, what about KILSLUG world/intergalactic tour to present a brand new album? or UP YOUR BUCKET album release?

About fuckin time huh? Ya, KILSLUG will keep chuggin along. You know the UP YOUR BUCKET singer, JESSE ROBINSON, is the younger brother of OINTMENT singer the late great JOHNNY MACCA. Seems everything comes full circle. As I speak we're working on releasing a 9 tune UP YOUR BUCKET recording. We're all pretty excited about it and the band in general. RICH BAKER on bass, ERIC RUSSEL on lead guitar, JESSE singing and me and L.K. together are making headway and off to a good start. Thanks dirt. Over and out.......